The value of including multiple generations in your family portraits…

Our family history forms who we are, it gives us a sense of where we have come from. Including multiple generations in your family photo shoot is a beautiful thing to do.

Some might say “I’m too old to get photo’s’, I hear this all the time. Yes we all age, and yes it might be nice if we could look like we did in our twenties for our whole lives, but think about it this way, your children & grandchildren didn’t know you back then. They know you as you are now. Think back to your grandma, how do you remember her? How did she spoil you? What did you do with her? How does she look in those memories? See what I mean. That is why it is important to be photographed at all stages in our lives, and this is why it is so important to include multiple generations in our photo shoots. Why we want to capture how your kids interact with you or their grandmother or grandfather right now.


3 generations portrait


Take for instance my grandmother. She is a HUGE part of my life and always has been. She took me around with her, just as if I was her own child. She walked me to primary school everyday from kindy to year 4 until my family left the country. Then when I returned to Perth for school in year 8 & 9 I lived with her and grandad. She was pretty much a mother figure to me. We have similar mannerisms, ways of going about life & even fashion sense! At the age of 81, she is still as strong as an Ox. Including her in my family photos is essential for me. I want to be able to show my kids what a special relationship I had with her.

I often think about what will happen when she passes away in the years to come. Right now I can’t get enough time with her, but I also lead a busy life and I can’t see it slowing down either. I’ve arranged several photo sessions with our family over the years, so at least I know we do have some beautiful photos to record our relationship. I don’t yet know how much those photos will mean to me when that dreaded day comes. I’m guessing priceless.

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To our older generations, or those who may be a little camera shy, may I encourage you to also get in photos. Selfies, photos on your phone, with a point and shoot camera, or a professional shoot with a photographer like us. Whether it’s just you, or whether you are a parent, grand parent or great grand parent you family will thank you in the future. Having generations recorded is something to treasure forever. !

There is an old saying, ‘A picture paints a thousand words’, and we believe that a relaxed photo shoot where each person can be themselves and interact naturally is the best place to create those precious photographs. Unfortunately memories fade, but a professional photo, printed on top quality genuine photo paper will not.

For more info on the family portrait sessions we offer, check out our Family Portrait page.

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Family portrait of 3 generations


Grandfather and grandson portrait


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