Your online portfolio shows you
off to the world!It's job is to get
you work.
So we have a few tips to get
you started, and to make sure
your portfolio stands out from
the crowd.

Tips for building an awesome, industry ready modelling portfolio:

1.Put your best photo first - Make sure your profile photo is dramatic, different and eye catching:Your profile photo needs to grab attention! You don’t want to get lost in the crowd, so it needs to stand out and to get the viewer to click into your page. Selfies are not ok. A non-professional photo (a selfie or a photo of you cut out from a social group) for your profile tells a potential client that you are an amateur. When a client books you they want results, armatures require a lot of direction and often lack confidence which means that a shoot takes longer and in the modelling world, time is money.

2 Variety: Make it look like you have lots of experience!Show a potential client how versatile you can be. A professional modelling portfolio must contain at least; one head shot in the studio, one full length shot in the studio, one shot with natural lighting, (eg: outdoors or near a window) and one shot that shows off your physique. A varied portfolio not only shows that you can be adaptable, but also makes you look like you have more experience.

3 Keep it current: Put your best foot forward Make sure you keep your portfolio up to date. It is a great way to show off new work. If you make a major change to your look like cutting or colouring your hair, make sure you note it in the text, even if you don't have any new photos of your new look. Some of the casting websites have the option to search for models by most recent activity. Agents, designers and photographers, don't want to have to chase models who are slow to return calls, so we are less likely to try to contact a model who hasn't been active on the site for a while.

4 Quality not quantity: Show only your best shots! An agent doesn’t want to see five shots of you in the same outfit and pose. Select what you show carefully. Choose each shot based on its own merit. Ten amazing photos are going to sell you so much better than thirty average ones. Plus if you have too many average shots you great ones get lost in the mix.

5 Study: Fashion is always changing and reinventing itself. You also need to keep up to date with the latest trends. To get better at something requires study and practice. Buy some fashion magazines or go online and look at the poses of the top models. Study the way they stand, where they put their hands, how they hold their face, then you can apply what you have seen in your shoots.

6 Get to know your own body: Spend time in front of the mirror Getting to know your own body is essential when it comes to posing. Many people totally underestimate how much stretching and balance is required in modelling. Learning how the light falls on your face and the best angles to show off your assets is a great skill to master. Spend time in front of a mirror, try moving different muscles in your face and your body, try putting your shoulders forward, up, down, back and watch your collar bone move. The more you are in tune with your body the better model you will be.

7 Comp cards: What is a comp card? Well it is like a business card for models. It shows off you. It should have all of your contact details on it so potential clients can contact you easily plus all of your measurements. A professional comp card will make you stand out from the others at a casting, and leave a lasting, professional impression on a potential agent or client.



Nathan and Frances are amazing, truly went above and beyond for me to give me the best photo shoot experience ever. They went as far as asking a hotel for us to use their pool area for my bikini shot. Such dedication is inspiring and I had a fantastic time with them from the moment I walked through the door. Not only are the people who work there amazing but the studio is incredible, so warm and welcoming, I felt comfortable straight away. They are a team who love what they do and are so happy to be there and to help you create beautiful photographs. I am still smiling from the whole experience, I had never done a photo shoot before but Nathan and Frances are professionals and they managed to make me look and feel like I had done many photo shoots. My images truly reflect the passion and commitment that Nathan and Frances have, I highly recommend anyone wanting to get photographs done to give Archer Imagery a call, it will be the best decision that you make and you will be so glad you did it, I sure am. Thank you so much Nathan, Frances, Sharron and the team at Archer Imagery for helping me to express who I am and what I am wanting to achieve, I will be forever grateful for the incredible service you provided. Thank you so much, until next time.

Brit Brittany Raven 2016

Creating a professional portfolio is your launch pad into a wonderful career in modelling. Archer Imagery are Perth's experts when it comes to helping you though this process. We have worked with models of all ages and with all levels of experience. It is normal to be a little nervous, but as we walk together through the journey of planning your looks, having your make up done, the shoot itself and then selecting the photos for your portfolio, we guarantee that you will not only learn a lot and get some great pictures, but you will have heaps of fun as well.


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