Time for a little indulgence…

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As a strong independent woman you deserve to spoil yourself every now and then, or maybe you just need a bit of a boost to feel like the sassy woman you are!

Celebrating yourself and your femininity is a beautiful thing. The world needs confident women who are comfortable in their own skin. Too often we judge ourselves on magazines, what others think, what our partners say (or don't say).

This offer ends on the 7th of November, don't miss out!

Your 'Indulge Yourself' $79 Photography Experience Includes:

-A personal consultation where we discover who you are, and what style of photos we can create together.
-Your professional photo shoot at our Northbridge studio (Valued at $150)
-Professional hair and make up (Valued at $150)
-Plus a $350 gift card to spend towards making your photos into stunning artworks
A Total Value of $650!

Why Wait? You deserve a treat!

Book your 'Indulge Yourself' photo shoot now on 9200 6275

But hurry, this amazing deal is only available until Friday the 3rd of November!

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Boudoir photo shoot

Feeling desired, feeling empowered, feeling sexy is a great way to start the day. How much confidence, how much tenacity, how much poise would you get leaving your home everyday after seeing a stunning image of yourself looking amazing?

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Your 'Indulge Yourself' photography experience will be tailored to your unique personality and style. Just as every woman is an individual, we believe that every shoot should be an exclusive 'one on one' journey between you and our team. 

As we walk through life, we all have unique experiences that shape us into who we are. Many of us undergo new beginnings: a new body, a new partner, or new life goals. Why not celebrate your new beginnings with a photo shoot? Take the time to indulge and celebrate yourself with a fabulous, empowering photo shoot.

To book your shoot, simply call us on 9200 6275, Or fill in your details and we will call you.


This offer ends on the 7th of November, so don't miss out, buy your 'Indulge Yourself' experience now!

Here is a short video staring Jayga, one of our amazing photographers, with a little more info on what to expect from your 'Indulge Yourself' experience:

If you would like to see a few more examples of our work check out our glamour/boudoir photography page.

This is meant to be all about you, but it can have added benefits also. Have you ever thought of surprising your partner with some jaw dropping photos of yourself? Feel amazing, look fantastic and blow your partner away at the same time!