Reward Yourself!

$79 Reward Yourself Package

You have worked hard to transform yourself… now it’s time reward yourself and celebrate your achievements!

You have come so far. Think about the woman you were, and now think about the amazing woman you have become! Think about what you have overcome, all the challenges, the hurdles, the setbacks, and now how it feels to have all that behind you.  

You deserve to be celebrated! You deserve to reward all your hard work, to spoil yourself, and to proclaim to the world the ‘New You’. Getting pampered and having a personalised photo shoot is the perfect way to reward yourself, and express who you have become.

Glamor photograph

You deserve to be pampered and indulge in a little a bit of extravagance, after all your hard work.

Celebrating how far you have come is great for your self esteem. Your transformation may have been a physical one, you may have lost weight or achieved a fitness goal. Or maybe your transformation is more of an internal personal one. You may have recently come out of a long term relationship, or overcome a major hurdle in your life. What ever your journey has been, we would love to celebrate your accomplishment by creating some awesome photos of the ‘NEW YOU”!

How much encouragement, how much confidence, how much sass, would you get leaving home everyday after seeing a stunning  image of yourself looking amazing?

Sassy Glamour portrait

For just $79 your ‘Reward Yourself’ package includes:
-Either a consultation on the phone or in our studio, to plan your photographic experience.
-A professional studio photo shoot at our Northbridge studio (Valued at $150).
-Pampering with professional hair and make up (Valued at $180).
-Plus a $350 gift card to spend towards your photographic artworks.
The Total Value is $680

Like a little duckling turning into a beautiful swan, it can take you a little while to truly embrace who the ‘New You’ really is. We pride ourselves on creating a friendly and safe environment where you can explore all aspects of the ‘New You’. We genuinely personalise every shoot. We invite you to share your story with us, tell us about your journey, who you were, who you are now, and how your life has changed. Together we can explore clothing options, backgrounds and all the ideas that will make your shoot beautifully represent the ‘New You’. Then drawing on all of your ideas and dreams we can create some stunning photographs together.

To book your ‘Reward Yourself’ photography package, simply call us on 08 9200 6275, or fill in your details below we will call you.


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    Still in the process of your transformation?
    Maybe you are still on the journey, that’s perfect! Experts say a goal written down, with a measurable outcome, and a deadline, is much more likely to be achieved than an unwritten goal. So, why not book a date for your ‘Reward Yourself’ photo shoot now. It will not only give you something amazing to work towards, but also by locking in a date it will help to keep you on track to reaching your goals!

    You can purchase the ‘Reward Yourself’ package, and use it in up to 12 weeks time. So if you are in the middle of a weight loss or fitness challenge, or if you are recovering from surgery you can still take advantage of this amazing offer. .

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    Here is Jayga, one of our amazing photographers to give you little more info about what to expect for your ‘Indulge Yourself’ experience

    For even more info check out our Glamour Photography page.