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Our ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ collection quite literally puts you into your own world. If you can dream it we can create it! We are specialists in family, couple and pet portraiture, but we wanted to take things to the next level. We wanted to create artworks that were so truly personalised, that you the subject could be transported into a world of your own. So, we have teamed up with an extremely talented visual artist to create an out of this world option for your portraits.

‘Our Choose Your Own Adventure’ artworks are carefully planned, and your world is individually hand crafted. Each artwork is different and is designed to tell your individual story. You may want to be the star of your favourite TV show, movie or video game, or you may want to represent your love in a way that is out of this world. Honestly the sky is the limit!

What goes into creating your artwork?

Creating such a personalised piece or set of artworks takes a lot of planning. First we sit down with you and discuss what you love, your ideas and what you would like to wear. We then proceed to look for the elements (photos or images) that are going to make up the background of your art piece. Once we have sourced the background images, we carefully plan your photo shoot. We make sure the lighting perfectly matches the background, your clothing corresponds to the style and that all the elements are inline to provide the desired result.

Following your shoot, we pass all the elements over to our visual artist to work his magic. After he has worked his magic, the art work is sent off to our professional photo lab for printing and finishing. Finally, your artwork is ready to hang, pride of place in your home!

Watch the video to see the countless hours that are spent perfecting your art piece.

We have four different adventures for you to choose from. All our ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ packages include a printed art piece for your wall.
As each artwork is totally unique, the amount of time we spend designing and working on your art piece will increase with the complexity of the artwork.

The Creation:

The Creation is our ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ option with the highest level of complexity. We basically start form scratch to create an out of this world artwork for you. The universe is the limit!

Our designer will hand draw a background to put you or your family into that matches your every desire. This package is definitely about adventure! When we are planning your artwork we will look at a number of themes and options, and then in-conjuction with our visual artist create a photo shoot to be placed into the world of your dreams.

The ‘Creation’ includes a massive 60×40 inch piece of wall art for your home or bat cave, displayed in one of our four boutique finishes.

The ‘Dragon Keepers” artwork on the right was created as a gift. Grandma was writing a series of books about dragons, so her three kids decided to create this piece as a unique family portrait for mums wall.

Photoshop photo wall art Perth

The Inception:

If something closer to reality is more your deal, then the ‘Inception’ is for you. The Inception package combines elements of reality with those of fiction. It blurs the lines, and leads the viewer to question the truth about what they are seeing. This is where true dreams come to life. Again, anything is possible. Just like the ‘Top Gun’ inspired piece on the right, we can put you into a movie, tv show, video game. We dare you to challenge us with your idea!
Our ‘Inception Adventure’ includes 30×40 inch wall art piece.

alternative portrait photo artZombie portrait photo art

Portrait photography Perth wall art

The Invention:

If you have ever dreamed of being a character from a video game, a comic book superhero, or a even an anime character, then this is the adventure for you. We use you as the base and then create the character around you.

The ‘Invention’ includes a 20×30 inch art piece beautifully finished and ready to hand on your wall.

Comic book style portrait photo Creative portrait photography

creative photography Perth

The Imagine:

The Imagine takes you on a simple adventure and places you into a beautiful background. We carefully plan the lighting to make sure you match your chosen background perfectly.

The ‘Imagine Adventure’ includes 19×19 inch piece of wall art, or a 12×12 mantle piece artwork for your home.

Photoshopped photographic wall art


If cosplay is your thing then we would love to welcome you to come into the studio and do your thing!

Halo inspired cosplay photograph

A thank you note from one of our clients:

“I won a gift card from SupaNova, but was a bit hesitant to use it after a disappointing session with another photo studio. After sitting down with Nathan, my fiance and I were a lot more optimistic about getting a really unique photo that suited our personalities. At the photo shoot, everyone was very professional, and we eventually managed to get an amazing piece that now has pride of place in our house. Would definitely return in the future..” – Adrian Threlfo – November 2015

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As this is a highly creative art from there are a few small points to mention:
Some backgrounds or ideas may be copyright. Archer Imagery will not breach copyright. Our desire is to put you into the world of your dreams. If your dreams are inspired by a well known movie or TV series, we will do our best to create a unique art piece inspired by that movie, TV series or video game.

Some of the art works may require the purchase or creation of stock photos to be used as backgrounds. Stock photography ranges in price depending on the size of the final print. The purchase of all stock photos will be at an additional cost based on the size the final piece is to be printed.

To start planning your adventure give us a call on 9200 6275 or click here to contact us:

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