Photographic Wall Art Collections

At Archer Imagery, we specialise in creating unique wall art pieces that are specifically designed to suit your home and personality. Our clients have the luxury of deciding between premium canvasses, modern acrylics, custom frames or exclusive aluminium finishes to guarantee your art creation will stand out from the crowd. We offer two beautiful collections the Symphony & Agape. Our Symphony Collection is made up of individual pieces hung together, and our Agape Collection comprises of multiple photos on one piece of material.

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Designing your artwork and selecting the right finish for your home:

We pride ourselves on taking the time to really plan your photo shoot and customise the artwork for your home. By planning and preparing for where your photographs will hang in your home we can advise the perfect finish and wall art collection for you. We take into account the natural and available light, your furniture, your style and even help you to match the colours of your clothing to your decor.

The Symphony Collection

Our symphony collection comprises our artworks that are set of images hung separately, but that form a beautiful chorus together. The Symphony collection is available in either our photographic canvas or acrylic finish.

The Aristocrat

The Aristocrat is our premier wall art arrangement. It has very modern visual lines. The central feature image is beautifully complimented by the story of the four smaller outer images. The Aristocrat is perfectly at home over a three seat couch, a buffet or a king size bed.

Photographic Wall Art

The Obsession

The Obsession is one of are most popular wall art pieces. The longer panoramic image sets the scene as the statement piece, and the three square images on the side or underneath tell the story. The Obsession is available in three sizes which makes it very adaptable to rooms both large and small. As it can also be arranged vertically it is perfect for homes with high ceilings. In its horizontal form it is perfect for above a bed, lounge buffet or hung vertically, it presents beautifully in an entry way or on the bedroom wall.

Photo layout of the Obsession artwork

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The Devotion

The Devotion is a sophisticated yet versatile collection of four separate square art pieces that come together to tell one story. The versatility of this piece is shown in the ability display it several ways in your home. The four squares can be hung in a vertical line for an entry way or as a feature beside a bed, they can be hung horizontally above a couch or buffet, as a square, and even diagonally up a staircase. Because of its versatility, the Devotion is great for every room in the house, even the office too.

Devotion photo diagram

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The Tre Beau

The Tre Beau (French for ‘very beautiful’) is beautiful set of three square artworks. The versatility of the Tre Beau means it can be hung vertically or horizontally and thus suits almost any location in the home. Presented on either photographic canvas or the stunning acrylic it is a beautiful wall art collection.

Tres Beau wall art diagram

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The A La Mode

The A La Mode is beautiful and versatile set that can be displayed as a panoramic or as a square. The versatility of the A La Mode means it can be hung vertically or horizontally and thus suits almost any location in the home. Presented on either photographic canvas or the stunning acrylic it is a stunning set.

A la mode wall art diagram

Canvas photo wall set

The Amore

The Amore triptych is the perfect way to present your three most loved portraits in either frame, canvas or our acrylic finish. The Amore is a prefect piece for displaying the expression on the faces of you loved ones, and is designed to tell your story in a hallway, lounge or bedroom.

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The Agape Collection

The Agape collection is multiple photos printed together on one piece of material. The Agape collection is available on photographic canvas, acrylic or as a framed art piece. A single piece gives you all the benefits and story of the Symphony collection, but you only have to hang one piece of artwork. Artworks in the Agape collection are perfect for those who are renting and have limited access to drill into their walls, or those who are looking for a concise artwork that draws the viewer into the story.

Agape Squares

Choosing a piece or multiple pieces from the Agape Square collection is the perfect choice to tell your story with multiple photographs on one piece of artwork.

The Agape Squares are extremely popular for every type of shoot. When creating the piece you can choose from the layouts shown below. The Agape Squares come in three sizes, creating the prefect piece for any size home.

agape square wall art options

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Agape Panoramic – The Refined

The Refined and Elegant are our two panoramic pieces in the Agape Collection. Being panoramic, it can be displayed horizontally or vertically, giving you the options to display it in numerous places around your home. Both the pieces display five images in either squares or rectangles. As a single or couple shoot it is perfect to display above your bed, or these pieces are great for a hallway or kids play room, using the five images to display your child’s personally on the wall.

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The Luxe

The Luxe is our premier aluminum wall piece comprising of one image printed across three panoramic metal pieces. The aluminum wall pieces are spectacular, the image is heat imprinted into the surface of the metal so that the image becomes part of the metal itself. The Luxe is certainly a statement piece in any room.

luxe metal wall art set

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