Oz Comic Con Special Offer!

Cos Play, Anime, Gaming; all are welcome at Archer Imagery.

Together we can create a photographic artwork that truly captures your imagination.

Cos play Startgate

This is your invite to explore what is possible with a truly personalised portrait photography experience!

What does a family portrait photo studio have to do we Oz Comic Con you may ask. Well, we pride ourselves on offering the most creative portrait photography service available. We take the time to really get to know our clients so that we can create a series of photographs that are truly genuine. Of course we offer all the usual family, baby and pet portrait photography, but we also invite you to include props or cos play costumes to take your photos to the next level. So no matter what you are into from cos play, anime, gaming to hard core movie fans, we can create a series of portrait photographs of you and your family that you will love.

We can’t wait to again be a part of Oz Comic Con in Perth this weekend. We have so much fun and meet so many creative people. The costumes are amazing, and the vibe at the con is really cool. Come and see us opposite the ‘Comic Guests’ area and grab this amazing offer.

Here is the fantastic $35 offer:

Receive an Archer Imagery photography experience, which includes your shoot planning session, your customised photo shoot specifically tailored to you, plus a design session with our interior designer to put together the art pieces for your home, PLUS  a gift certificate for $550 to spend on your artwork. All that usually costs over $700 but to celebrate Comic Con we are offering it for just $35!

Hurry, this offer is only available this weekend at Oz Comic Con Perth!

To take your photographs even further, we have teamed up with an amazing graphic artist. Together we have created our ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ collection. Combining his skills and ours, we can quite literally take you and place you into a world of your own. We pretty much start from scratch. We get to know you and what you are into, then we design a shoot and artwork that represents that. For a little more info on our ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ and cos play photography please have a look at our CYOA Page.

Cos play creative photo

For just $35 you will receive:
-A pre shoot consultation (On the phone or in our studio)
-Creative studio photo shoot (Valued at $150)
-Plus a $550 gift card to spend on your artworks
A Total Value of $700

To purchase your Oz Comic Con $35 offer, come and see us at Oz Comic Con, or if you can’t make it we may be generous and let you purchase it over the phone on 08 9200 6275. As we will be at the Con all weekend we won’t be answering our phone, so please fill in your details below we will call you first thing on Monday.


Halo Cosplay photo




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