Our Product Doesn’t Exist!

Is photography a product or a service?

What exactly do photographers sell? Photographs you say. What is a photograph?Is it a product or service? Well, if we want to get technical the word ‘photo’ comes from the Greek word ‘photos’ meaning light and ‘graph’ meaning picture. So a photo-graph is a picture made with light.Yes technically that is correct, but when you choose a photographer to create some portraits of your loved ones how do you choose. I mean, they haven’t taken the photos for you yet, so in effect the product you want to buy doesn’t yet exist!If the product doesn’t exist then you are commissioning them to create something for you, you are commissioning an artist with out knowing the final result. You are trusting them. Trusting their skill, their equipment, their knowledge, trusting them to create something you want. If really what you are doing is trusting someone to create something that doesn’t yet exist, how do you know they will create something that you really love? Many would say look at their portfolio, their body of work. If you like what you see then you can reasonably expect them to create something that you will like also. While I agree with this, I ultimately think that you shouldn’t just trust someone on their portfolio. Why? Because what makes you and your loved ones unique is not the same as what made the previous family unique. They may be a great photographer but is that you, your style? Will they really represent your relationships?

BW family portrait photo

So in selecting a photographer I believe the most important aspect to assess is if they listen, and in turn can take the information they have gained from you and create a unique piece of art just for you. A piece that is truly personalised. A piece that captures the uniqueness’s, the little things, the joy, the trust, the love. A piece that not only looks fantastic, but is so much more than just a photo-graph, it is something that through listing, learning, understanding, then thoughtfully composing and capturing has been created uniquely for you.

If you would like to be truly listened too, maybe even be asked some questions that challenge you to really think deeply about your loved ones, then we would love to listen. We would love to begin the process of creating some stunning art pieces that don’t yet exist.

Grab a cuppa and give us a call for a chat on 9200 6275.Grab a cuppa and give us a call for a chat on 9200 6275.

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