On the other side of the camera

My Nude Photography Experience – By Frances

(Archer Imagery’s star design consultant)

As a photographer, when people talk to me about having a nude photo shoot done I often hear; “That’s something I have always wanted to do” “Something I wish I would have done when I was your age.” “That’s something to tick off my bucket list.”. I have spent the last 6 years photographing and designing art work after encouraging people to go for a nude shoot themselves without knowing how it really felt. I recently had the opportunity to be in front of the camera, experiencing what it was like to be photographed nude and to create artwork of myself for my home.

This is my experience:



Naked body art


Nude art photo

[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last] The Planning

A nude body can be photographed in many different ways. Each body has its own beauty and flexibility, and art in motion that creates those beautiful artistic poses. For me, the body is all about lines. So for my photo shoot, that is the main style that I wanted to capture. Also I preferred it not to be about my face, but rather to really focus on form, shape, curves and lines. Having worked in photography for so long I have had plenty of opportunity to see lots of different styles and nude examples. My overall feeling was I wanted my shoot to be natural. So to plan the shoot, Kate and I sat down and I showed her some examples of the style and feel that I wanted. We talked about me and what I had in mind to do with my photos. We discussed where I wanted to put them and the kind of lighting that would best compliment me. We discussed about make up and straightening my hair. I don’t wear a lot of make up so ‘getting ready’ for me is doing my hair. Initially I wanted to straighten it, but Kate reminded me that if I wanted a ‘natural look’ then I should keep it as it is normally. I am glad we did.

The Shoot

When it came to the day YES I was nervous. It’s like diving into a swimming pool, once you jump in you find out that you had nothing to worry about. Once I was in the studio talking to Kate she made me feel really relaxed and care free. As Kate was twisting me into poses I knew I had to trust that she was doing it for the purpose of getting my best angle. Looking at the camera not through it felt a bit strange, but watching Kate work from the subjects point of view was eye opening. There I was fully nude in front Kate but for some reason I didn’t feel exposed. The studio was quite dark and Kate made me feel totally at ease. Before I knew it we were all done.

It was nice to have a break before I went to the viewing room to see the photos. I didn’t realize how much energy I used because I really downed my coffee.

The Viewing – Time to see the results!

And then there I was …. In my birthday suit…. Naked on the big screen. I have to admit it was a lot less daunting than I expected. It was a nice surprise to see how Kate saw me through her eyes. I was very proud of myself and how the photos came out. I really loved the artistic body shots on the black back ground. There were about 5 or 6 shots that immediately jumped out as the ones for my artwork set. My favourite part was that they all worked together like prices of a puzzle to make up a whole body. I can’t wait to have them printed and put them up on the wall. I am proud of my body and myself for doing this nude shoot. When I look at them hanging on the wall they will take me back to the day and remind me of the feelings and emotions of my experience.

For me this was a fantastic step in my journey. As a modern woman, who is into fashion and design, it was great to strip that all away and just focus on me. I feel so invigorated, so empowered, and so proud of myself. I now fully grasp the emotions, the nerves and the joy of being photographed nude.


I would love to chat with you about your story and plan a shoot for you that is just as empowering as mine was. Frances

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