Behind the scenes at a charles
and Ron runway show

- By Frances Azzopardi

New York Fashion Week

3 days to the show …..

My day started New York style with a coffee. It was need as I knew that the day ahead was going to be a long one. The nerves had started to kick in for Charles and Ron as the room was very quiet. I started preparing the look book and getting together the collection and accessories that we would need for the casting appointment packed and downstairs. We took a yellow cab downtown to the space that was set up for all the designer involved in the Art Hearts fashion week shows. As we arrived there was about 10 designers and their teams getting set up for a day of fittings and model castings for their shows. The room was filled with nerves and breathe taking clothes, shoes and bags any girls dream closet. We were given a space to set out the collection and the look book before the girls arrived. The casting director for Art Hearts gave us a rundown about what was going to happen during the day and that the models needed to be booked for the shows today “model list are due at 6 if you want them to be in your show”. Trust me the dream closet didn’t last long when the stampede of models rushed into the room.

The first wave of eager faces came through with their comp cards to see if they would fit the style brief and look that the designers had in mind for their shows. We were looking for 11 models for the show as we had already 2 models in mind. Daniela Aciu who was the impetration for fall/winter 15 collection and was going to be the open and close of the show. Jenifer Daniels a model that we had used a number of times before in New York for fashion week was also given two looks for the show.



Stephanie a slender blonde hair blue eyed model 5.10 feet. She was like the honey when she walked into the room as all the designers rushed to her like ants. Outfit fitted her like so well and her walk was strong and confident.


Sophia another blonde model 5.11 feet model. The youth and playfulness of the pants and jacket suited her. You could see her wearing it on a night out. So she was a perfect fit.


(The deflect one) this outfit was tough to cast a model for. As the outfit was a knitted jumper and short leather shirt we needed someone with long legs a smaller bust to be able to get the desired look. 5 different models tried this on over the course of the day and it didn’t look right. We waited until 5:30 for the prefect model to come Nikki. She was 6.1 Feet legs for day’s model bust 34 that fitted the jumper perfect.


By the time that we got to look 6 we had started to create a pattern with the girl’s heights. Having the girls all a similar height is important for the overlook and flow of the show. Helen had a very different look from the other girls that we had already picked. She had broad shoulders and a long torso as the other girls where very slender but this worked perfectly with the oversized wool jacket and longer dress


Langley was very proactive when she came into the room she walked straight up to us, showed us her comp card and asked if she could try something on. She didn’t have a strong walk but took direction very well and over all had a great attitude. The dress that we paired her with suited her body shape as she only had a 31 bust.


Alicia was P for professionally. She took a lot of pride in her job as a model. She didn’t have a strong comp card but she had the right look and feel about her and a killer walk to go with it. She asked questions about the brand and the theme behind the collection.


Wow Isla stole the room all the designers wanted her and all the models wanted to be just like her. She was graceful and strong and just looked like a model should look like in my eyes. Anything that I put on her would have looked amazing, so I picked my favourite outfit for her. As it was my birthday in New York the designers rewarded me with this amazing outfit this make feel grateful to be involved


Melanie was one of the younger models that we picked and was one of the shortest girls at only 5.8 feet. She walked in the run way show last season spring/summer and was very reliable. A sad fact is that some of the model that you cast for the show don’t turn up on the day for different reasons. This add more stress to a very stressful day

LOOK 11:

Stephanie was Charles favourite model of the day. She had a Mediterranean style about her that worked well with the vision that he had for the collections overall look. She was picked to wear one of the longer dresses and it fitted her like a glove. She was also asked to do an editorial photo shoot with us on Tuesday with 3Magazine. The photo will be in the next addition of the magazine in New York and Asia

LOOK 12:

Gabby was picked because of her height and small frame. The outfit that we picked for her was a long slim skirt with a fur back lace top that suited her fame perfectly. She was the last one picked from a very long day of casting. In the end we saw over 200 girls and only pick 11


Sadly not everyone fits the look that the designers has in mind. Remember each designer is different and has a unique vison for their collection. It all comes down to the vision as a collection is a part of them that they are showing to the world hoping that people fall in love it. That people buy it, wear it, rock it and the collection becomes a part of the person. “Every day is a fashion show and the world is your run way” Coco Chanel

Tips of the day be proactive and confident. You have to have a thick skin if you want to make it as a model. Keep in mind it’s all about first impressions and your attitude. You are there to do a job not there to look pretty.