New Years Resolutions

Have you ever tried, actually completing a new years resolution? It's hard.

And most of the time you made the damn thing half sloshed, so it's completely unrealistic as to HOW you are going to carry it out, but you really want to do it b'coz it's something that's been on your mind for weeks, months....even years! And you're probably thinking all of this right before the count down is at it's end,.. three, two, ONE!!!!


And there is it... You've just talked yourself into:

  • signing yourself up to the local gym,
  • making your lunch before work EVERYDAY
  • living a life without COFFEE! And coffee's not even bad for you!
  • a life of No carbs, Grain Free, 0 Calories, bye-bye sugar, Liquid diet and NO FUN WHAT SO EVER!!!!


Happy father and son

Experts say to achieve a goal or create a new habit you need to...


two ladies running

-Break it into simple steps and make them achievable. For example, if your goal is to loose 5kgs, then a simple step may be to go for a 20 min walk 4 times a week. Something simple, and something that is achievable in the first week. Your second step will be a little harder and build upon what you have committed to in your first step.

-Think of the top 3 positives that achieving this new goal or building the new habit will give you and WRITE THEM DOWN! What are you going to get out of all this hard work? When you take the time to make the positive effects of all this hard work tangible and write them down, you know what you are striving for and why. The goal is the finish line, but the reasons and positives that achieving it brings, are the things that will motivate you along the way.

-Be accountable! Writing your goals down is a good step, but it is easy to cheat on ourselves. If you make yourself accountable to a friend or family member who can encourage you when you reach certain stages of your journey, or pick you up if you fall off the wagon (so to speak) then you have a much greater chance on succeeding at with your new years resolution.

-Make a timeline: A goal alone is just an idea, if you set steps in place and deadline to achieve it you will be much more motivated, and again your change of success is greatly increased.

-Set a tangible reward: Apart from all the positives you have already written down, set a reward for achieving your goal. Pick something really good, something that will genuinely motivate you.

How can we help?

Often new years resolutions have to do with health. Losing weight, getting fit, quitting smoking. Sometimes we feel self conscious about talking about these things with friends or family, so finding someone to keep us accountable can be hard.

We would love to help you with someone to talk to and set milestones with about your goal.

If your goal is health related, then a photo shoot is a great reward to celebrate your hard work. If you are working on your fitness, or loosing weight then a glamour photo shoot is a great way to show off your new body. Setting a date for your shoot now, helps you to make a timeline, you can be accountable to us as we call each month to plan your shoot and you will have some amazing photos to remind yourself of you achievement.

Give us a call on 9200 6275, and we can chat about helping you achieve your New Years Resolution

And remember... JUST DO IT! (Said someone at Nike)