What is a models comp card? and, Why do I need one?

What is a comp card?

Basically a models comp card is their business card. It is something for you to leave with a potential client at a casting or audition, so that they can instantly remember you and book you.

You need to stand out in a crowd of models all auditioning for the same shoot or cat walk show. The job of your comp card is to show off your diversity and to make it easy for the client to hire you. Your comp card does that by having your contact details, or that of your agency, but it also has your measurements. For a designer putting together a cat walk show, they need to know what size garments to arrange for you to model. They need to know your height, your shoe size, and your physical measurements.

Comp cards usually have about five photos on them, so make sure they are your best. Normally you will have one larger 'feature' photo on the front, and four smaller photos on the back. The front photo must be your 'WOW' image! At an audition, your comp card will be sitting on a desk in front of a panel of clients along with the comp card from every other model who is auditioning, so make sure your comp card stands out.

On the back of the card, you need to show your diversity. Who you are, and what you can do for a client. Usually you would select photos that are quite different from each other. Images that show you can look older, younger, casual, or elegant. Of course the photos you select depend on the kind of modelling you are seeking to get into. The back of the card is your chance to show difference aspects of your personality, so get a little creative.

Model Comp Card
Perth model comp card

Generally a comp card is about A5 in size, and is usually printed on paper/card about 250gsm thick. The quality of the printing matters. Again, the first impression you make counts, and your comp card will be with an agent long after you have left the casting, so if your comp card is printed on a home computer what does that say to a client about how serious you are? Invest a little bit of money in some quality printing, and you will be rewarded.

Why do you need one?

If it is not already obvious, your comp card is your business card. You need a great comp card so that potential clients don't forget you. So that they have your details easily at hand, and so that they can prepare garments for you to model. A great comp card is essential to your success in the modelling industry.


If you are interested in creating a modelling portfolio and a comp card, then have a look at our modelling page here. 

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