Invest your tax return in your loved ones.

Our special $75 TAX TIME deal to celebrate the ones you love.

Create some beautiful memories to treasure for a lifetime with an Archer Imagery portrait photography experience.

Family portrait of feet

In our busy lives, it is very easy to loose connection with those we love. We are bombarded with information from all angles, phones, computers, tables etc. Our living rooms are usually set facing the TV, which feeds us other peoples opinions and bad news too much of the time. A beautiful portrait of the ones you love on the wall, helps to combat the information overload. It works a bit like a billboard right there in your living room. A billboard that promotes togetherness, closeness and joy into your life everyday.

Take a minute to have a look at your walls. How inspiring would it be, or how much closer would your family feel, if everyday you had a beautiful photograph right there on the wall, reminding you of what really is important in life? 

Family portrait artwork collection

Family portraits have changed! The stiff, posed, uncomfortable style of the 80’s is well behind us. (Well we hope anyway) We believe that your family portraits should be as unique as your family is! The photos should tell your story. Your pets are absolutely welcome, we love including them in our shoots. We want your shoot and artwork collection to reflect you.

Honestly anything goes. We have done shoots for families who are football fanatics all dressed in their teams gear, we have photographed couples who love gaming together, kids with their favourite toys, or dad with his Harley Davidson.  We guarantee that we will have a lot of fun, and that your photos will be fresh, unique and genuinely represent you.

Family of football fanatics
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Couple portrait Perth
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Dad photographed on his motorcycle

Here are the details of our tax time special:

For only $75 you will be treated to:
-A professional studio or location photo shoot (Valued at $150)
-A cinematic viewing of your photographs with our specialist interior designer
-Plus a $350 gift card to spend on your artworks
A total value of over $500

Hurry! This tax time offer is limited to the first 15 bookings.

For more information or to book you tax time photo shoot, call us on 08 9200 6275, or pop your details down below, and we will call you.


Outdoor pet portrait

Studio family portrait

Couples with two dogs


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    Here is a little bit more information as to how we go about creating your unique family photographs:

    Planning your photo shoot-

    As we said before, we believe in genuinely getting to know our clients so that your photo shoot will truly represent you. So, we always start with a phone call. We take a bit of time to have a chat. We ask you a few questions about you and your loved ones. Questions like; Tell us about your kids, what are they into right now? Do you have any pets that you would like to include? What are your tastes and the style and decor of your home? With that information, we can plan a shoot that genuinely represents who you and your loved ones are.

    Your studio or outdoor shoot-

    We can photograph you and your loved ones, either in our Northbridge studio, or at a location around Perth that is special to you. Drawing on all the things we talked about during the planning, our team will select a lighting set up and background that perfectly compliments you.

    Our studio is located in the heart of Northbridge, so there are heaps of funky urban backdrops withing a short walk of the studio. Or the stunning Hyde Park is about 1km away and has heaps of options for beautiful backgrounds.

    Choosing your photos-

    After your photo shoot, we have a short 25 min break, then together with our specialist designer, you will view the photographs and put together a stunning collection of artworks to adorn your walls.

    For more examples of the family portraits we have created for our clients, please CLICK HERE to visit our family portrait page.

    Outdoor casual family portrait

    Give us a call on 9200 6275, and lets start planning your photo shoot!