Living a life of high performance…

I started Archer Imagery in April of 2004 from the back room of my parents house, because I wanted to be a photographer and help people connect more deeply with the ones they love.  Over the last 15 years I have had the absolute honour of running my small business and making a difference in the lives of my clients. The photos and artworks my team and I have created, hang on walls all over Western Australia and remind their owners every day of the love they share.


About 10 years ago, I started mentoring a few other photographers to help them grow their businesses and make a bigger difference to the families they served. My coaching/mentoring was never advertised. It was something I did because I enjoyed it. I loved photography, I loved people and I loved seeing others grow. So, seeing photographers have the 'ah ha' moments, and make a bigger impact in the lives of their clients, was my reward.


In 2010 I met my business coach and we worked together on and off for about four years. He taught me so much about business, sales, marketing and strategy. Together we grew the business by 400% in 3 years. The studio now had a much bigger impact, and served many more clients. Our core mission stayed the same;
Mission statementWe searched for the story in the lives of our clients, meaningful moments, expressions and gestures and using our skills as photographers, turned those moments into works of art.
Seven years on, in mid 2017, I started wanting to have even more of an impact. I had a number of colleagues in the business world asking me for advice on business and marketing, and using my experience from photographing in the corporate world, I was able to give them a little advice. In February of 2018 I began a formal relationship with one client coaching them on their marketing. Almost by chance, in mid 2018 another client heard about my coaching and asked me to coach her in her business. Shortly after, I decided to get some formal training as a business coach. In September of 2018 I headed off to the USA to train under Brendon Burchard and become a Certified High Performance Coach.
Business coach
A high performance coach is kind of a hybrid between a business and a life coach. Where a business coach often focuses on the numbers and marketing, and a life coach focuses on the touchy feely stuff, a high performance coach is about creating a heightened level of success, sustained over the long term in both your personal and professional life. It’s about becoming your most extraordinary self in all aspects of who you are and what you do.

So now as a Certified High Performance Coach, I offer the world’s most rigorous coaching curriculum, based on the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology. It is the SAS or the Navy Seals of coaching.

Everything I have done as a professional photographer and small business owner has prepared me for my new career as a coach. I am excited to now go even deeper with my clients, and help them attain ongoing levels of clarity, energy, productivity, courage and influence as they live a high performance life.


So.... announcing; 'Beyond Purpose - Coaching for personal and professional success'.
Life & Business CoachIf you would like to check out the website it is: or you may need a daily dose of encouragement or wisdom, which you can get by following me on Instagram or on the Beyond Purpose Facebook page:

I consider it an absolute honour to have shared in and impacted the lives of our photography clients over the last 15 years. Thank you to every staff member who I have had the privilege of working with, thank you to our suppliers who help us create the amazing artworks, and THANK YOU to our clients who have opened up their lives to us and let us create memories for them that will last a lifetime.