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When you perform, you are out of yourself… larger and more potent, more powerful and more beautiful.

At Archer Imagery, we specialise in combining all of the elements of your performance skills to provide you with an experience and a piece of artwork that you will treasure for a lifetime. We will light you in creative ways, style you with makeup to accentuate your costume, and create an atmosphere where you are totally comfortable to pull off best moves so that we can capture your strength and flexibility.

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Your Dance Photography Session:

Our state of the art studio caters to all performers so that we are able to create diverse portfolios to show off your skills. We specialise in everything from pole and silk acrobatics, to gymnastics, and contemporary dance and ballet styles. Our dance portfolios are works of art that truly represent you and your style, to show off the best of what you have to offer. The team at Archer Imagery will work with you one on one by getting to know you, and the skills you possess in order to create a finished product that’s completely personalised to your every desire.

Call our friendly team in Perth on 08 9200 6275 to begin planning your dance photography experience.Call our friendly team in Perth on 08 9200 6275 to begin planning your dance photography experience.

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It is our pleasure to work with our clients to capture photographically, your awesome moves from dance, pole, gymnastics or any other art form.

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What Our Clients Have Said:
“Love the images! Thank you so much!” – Iridescence Dance Company

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