Your Family Portrait Experience

All aspects of your photography experience will be personalised. We pride ourselves on creating unique art pieces that truly reflect the personalities and the deep connections shared by your family.


Arranging your family portrait experience:

In order for us to truly represent you, and the unique relationships in your family, we must first get to know you. Preparing for your photographic experience starts with a phone call. We will talk about all sorts of things from what the kids do when you first come home, the way your pet lays its head in your lap, to exploring those special and unique moments that truly represent your family. The better we know you, the more personal and treasured your photos will be. After we get to know a little about your family, we will discuss the style and décor of your home, so that we can plan photographic artworks to perfectly suit you.

By collaborating with each individual client, Archer Imagery ensures that every shoot is customised to the desires and requests of our customer, allowing for unique artworks that are truly your own.

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On the day of your photo shoot:

This is where all the planning and preparation turns into a wonderful studio experience. Your photographer will ensure that every member of your family feels comfortable and enjoys the shoot. As each shoot is uniquely tailored to your families style, no two shoots are the same. Your photographer is there to guide you through the shoot, to give you ideas and to pose and position you when required. We work with you to create your beautiful photos and together have a great time doing so.

[/twocol_one_last] [twocol_one] Your viewing and artwork design session:

Following your photo shoot we take a short break where you can sit back relax and have a coffee while our team to download and prepare your photographs for your viewing and artwork design session.

Then its Show Time!

Be prepared to fall in love with your family all over again as we project your beautiful photographs on the big screen and custom design the artwork for your home.


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[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last] Collecting your artworks:

After we together design your beautiful artworks, we prepare them for printing and then send them to our professional photographic laboratory. Depending on the style and finish of your artworks we allow up to four weeks for them to be hand crafted.


We absolutely love watching your face as you see your photographic artwork for the first time. We help you load your precious artworks into your car and they are yours to treasure for ever!


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Family Portrait PhotographyCreate some beautiful photographs of your family
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Perth family Portrait - Archer Imagery

Archer Imagery Studio TourWhat’s involved in creating abeautiful artwork for you?

Watch the video to find out?

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