Commercial Portrait Photography

A great business portrait instills confidence in your customer. In the past businesses could get away with being somewhat faceless. The world has changed and people want to know who they are doing business with. Your business profile is your opportunity to sell yourself and to create a rapport with your clients.

Corporate portraits, and how we use them have changed. From your linked in profile, to the photo used on the annual report, what is required for our corporate photos is now much greater. Having a photographer that can adapt and create a suite of varied images is essential.

In large teams, having a consistent style to your corporate portraits is essential for the brand. Working with the company's style guide, we can create a consistent look that shows professionalism. For smaller teams or solopreneurs, your company portraits are an opportunity to make a statement about your style and your brand. You can get creative, have some fun and create something fresh and unique.

The team at Archer Imagery can provide corporate head shots on location at your office or we can shoot in the studio.

Give us a call on 9200 6275 to discuss your needs.


Planning Your Portrait Sitting:

How the photograph is taken is greatly influenced by how you intend to use the image. For example, if you need the image to be easily cut out for use on a generic background, then the photo need to be taken on a plain background. Or, if you want the photo to be a statement then the setting of the photo is crucial. The pose of your portrait conveys a great deal to the viewer. Do you want your portrait to be authoritative, approachable, confident, fun, unique? By asking all of these questions, we can make sure that the portraits perfectly suit your needs.


Individuals: Our 'Head Shot' package includes three different digital photos on one background, (usually close up, 3/4 and full length) for $220 per person.

If you would prefer a little more variety or have a very specific look in mind, we  have our 'Executive Package' which includes a one hour sitting where you will be photographed in two or three different outfits, both in the studio and outside around the studio. You will also receive six high res digital photos for $350.

Groups/Companies: For larger groups, it may be more efficient for us to come to you. Depending on the style and background you desire, we can either bring a backdrop, or use the decor of your office for a more modern look. For simple head shots, we usually recommend allowing for maximum of 15 people per hour. Prices start from $550 depending on location and your requirements.

Full length business photo
Airline application portrait
Airline headshot photo
Emirates Airline portrait

Job Interviews & Airline Applications

Accompanying your resume with a professional portrait is a great way to stand out form the crowd. With more and more people applying for jobs online, many employers and agencies now require it.

If you are applying for a position with an international airline such as Emirates or Eithad, they have very specific requirements for the photos you submit. Our team has photographed a number of applicants and we have a tailored airline portrait package for $250.