Celebrate your love!

Immortalise the love you share with a beautiful photo shoot and wall art collection!

How would you feel to wake up every morning and be greeted by a beautiful image of you and your partner? After a hard day at work, how would it feel to sit on the couch together looking at an artwork of you both hanging on your wall?

You have made a beautiful commitment to each other why not represent the love you share with a portrait collection for your home. 


Male gay portraits

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Lesbian couple photos

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Couple portrait Perth


We are Perth’s specialists in personalised portrait photography. Our art pieces are not only beautiful, but truly represent you and your relationship. We can’t wait to discover all about your relationship. The things your partner loves about you, and what you love about them. It is the little things that really make an art piece so special.

Take a look through our couples gallery to see some more examples of what we can create for you. You may also like to check out the artwork page to see how amazing your home is going to look with your photos hanging on the walls.

Give the studio in Northbridge a call on 9200 6275 to have a chat and start planning your photography experience!


Middle aged couple outdoors[/twocol_one]


Studio couples portrait [/twocol_one_last]

Gay Couple photos Perth

A photo shoot either by yourself, or with your partner this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. We currently have a great Valentine’s Day special which includes your photo shoot, full hair and make up, plus $300 to put towards a beautiful artwork for your home. There are only 10 sessions available at the amazing price of $155, so be quick to secure yours! You may book your shoot anytime from now until the 10th of May 2015. Click Here for more information

Call our studio on 9200 6275 or fill in your information below and we will contact you! 

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