Agape Square Collection

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The Ancient Greeks have multiple words for 'love'. ‘Agape’ is the term they use for unconditional love.

When we choosing names for our artwork collections, we really connected with the meaning of ‘Agape’. We believe that love should be celebrated in every one of our photo shoots, and the meaning of ‘Agape’ translated perfectly into what we wanted our art work to represent.

Our ‘Agape Square’ collection, is an artwork printed on one piece of material, featuring multiple photos that together tell a story. There are four different layouts, each available to be printed on four different photographic finishes. This makes the ‘Agape Square’ collection highly customizable to fit all styles and décor.

It’s also great news for the handy man (handy person). Having your photos printed on one piece of material, makes it super easy to hang, requiring just two screws.  If you are renting or have limited access to drill into walls, it is perfect choice if you select your Agape piece the canvas or metal finish. As those finishes are really light,  they can be hung by simply using 3m command strips.

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Art work Layout diagram

One other benefit, is the artwork is available in five different sizes from the petit 20 inch, right up to the extra large 42 inch size. Having five differnt sizes to choose from, makes it the perfect artwork for any size home.

Not that there already isn’t enough ways to customise your ‘Agape Square’, but they also come in four different design layouts. Each one, taking the viewer on a slightly different journey.

For example, our most popular design layout of the ‘Agape Square’ for families is having one large family photo on the top, and then three featured moments underneath. (as shown at the top of the page) While for children and newborns, the 'nine up' is extremely popular, as it features nine different facial expressions to show off the different aspects of the child's personality. (as shown on the left)

Each layout provides the opportunity to give a different emphasis in the artwork. Each design, takes the viewer on a unique journey, and tells the story in a different way.

These are just a few reasons why we love the ‘Agape Square’ collection, and why we have made it our featured artwork collection for July.  To celebrate the ‘Agape Square’ collection you can save 20% off any ‘Agape Square’ ordered from your photo shoot in the month of July.

T&C's do apply, and this can not be used in conjunction with another offer. All orders must be placed and paid for by the 31st July to receive the 20% off.

Pet Artwork in lounge room