”With any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise it’s just not acting. It’s lying” - Johnny Depp

Creating an enticing acting portfolio is about showing you and your diversity.

Acting Photography - Headshots & Portfolios

Developing your acting portfolio is a whole lot of fun. It is your opportunity to show the world the many roles you can play. Diversity is the key. Starting with a great head shot, we work with you to establish a portfolio that will show all of your best attributes.

At Archer Imagery, our acting portfolio clientele work closely with both a stylist and a photographer to establish what type of a roles you will be applying for and what style of photographs you will require in order to maximise your career potential.

The purpose of your acting portfolio is to get you work. It's job, is to show your diversity, your ability to portray different characters & roles, and most importantly your personality!

Your photographs are the first impression that you will make on a casting agent, make sure that they get you noticed and turn heads! Call 9200 6275 or click below for more information.

Actress photo shoot

Actor behind the scenes


Your Acting Portfolio Photo Shoot

The Planning:

In preparing for your portfolio shoot we like to discuss you, your personality, the roles and characters you have played in the past and the kind of roles you are currently auditioning for. Together we will plan out your wardrobe selections for the shoot, and decide upon the style for your hair and make up.

Your Shoot:

Every great acting portfolio starts with a powerful head shot. Your head shot will be the cover of your résumé. It will be the photograph the director looks at when he or she casts the role. Complimenting your head shot, is the collection of other photos that show a prospective agent or director your versatility and adaptability. Depending on what we have discussed we may journey outside of the studio to create some natural light shots on the streets of Northbridge.

Selecting The Best Photographs For Your Portfolio:

Following your photo shoot you sit with our designer and select the photographs for your acting portfolio. Together we select your most dramatic images, and guide you to build your  industry ready portfolio that is extremely fresh, well aligned with today’s acting trend, creative, artistic and extremely diverse.

Booking Your Session:

If you are ready to take the plunge and take your acting seriously, then call our Perth team on 08 9200 6275, to discuss designing a unique collection of eye catching  photographs that show off your individual style, look and diversity.

What our clients have said:

"Thank you! Had my first little audition today and I’m now being represented just around the corner from your studio!" – Aaron Clements

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