The feeling you get from opening up the throttle is unrivaled.

If you car or motorcycle is your pride and joy, then it deserves to be immortalised in its very own work of art. You may choose to just photograph the vehicle by itself, or we can include yourself, your partner, or your whole family in the shoot.

Car & Motorbike Photography

Car and motorcycle photography is a very specialised field. Every vehicle is different. Metallic or matt paint, a naked bike or one with fairings, chrome pipes or sports exhaust, brand new or vintage. The individual features, aspects, lines, curves and details that make your car or motorbike unique, and how to photograph them deserve specialist consideration and the highest level of attention to detail.

The team Archer Imagery are industry leaders when it comes photographing cars and motorbikes. Our fully air conditioned Northbridge studio has been purpose built for car and motorbike photography, or we can select an outdoor location around Perth.

We specialise in combining all of the elements to provide you with an experience and creative artworks of your vehicle that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Give us a call on 9200 6275, and we can start planing an amazing photo shoot for your pride and joy!

Whats involved?

The preparation:

To create the most personalised shoot for you we start by asking a number of questions about your car or bike. Things like; Did you dream of owning this car growing up? What are some of the modifications you have made? What are your favourite parts of the vehicle? and if the vehicle is a little older we will ask about its story and how you come to own it etc. We will also ask if you would like the shoot just to be about the car or bike, or if you would like to include yourself, your partner or family in the photographs. We can then discuss what to wear etc. From your answers we can select the perfect style and location for your photo shoot.

On the day of the shoot:

We meet at either the studio or the chosen location and we give you a little time to do any last minute cleaning and polishing. Then the shoot begins. We may ask you to move the car or bike around so we can shoot it from different angles. If there are people involved we will work with you and show you how to pose with the vehicle. We will take number of shots to really visually tell the story that we discussed during our planing phone calls.

Viewing your photos: This is where your artworks come together

Following your shoot we project your photos onto the big screen and together with our designer you will create the artworks for your home. We have a number of different finishes to display your photographs, and we will recommend the one that compliments your decor and perfectly presents your story.

Our desire is that the resulting works of art truly represent you, your life and your passions.

Call our Perth team on 08 9200 6275, to discuss your car or motorcycle photo shoot.

Car photo review

Had photos of my pride an joy my clubsport done by Nathan an has printed onto an alloy an has come up so amazing a memory of something I've achieved on my wall for life now, Great photographer stood by him all arvo while he took great shots getting the shoes an socks of to stand in the water truly committed

Motorbike review

Wow! I cant stop showing my photos off to everyone! They are amazing! Better than I couldve hoped for and I will really treasure them. Somehow you made me and a motorbike look like works of art! Ive told everyone where i had them done! Thank you so much

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